Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQs page! Here  are some of our most  frequently asked questions:

What do admissions officers value the most in an applicant?  

Many colleges and universities employ a "holistic" approach to college other words, there is not just one, single quality that admissions officers look for in an applicant! Admissions officers want to see all parts of your application, from your academic performance to your personal passions, come together and paint an accurate picture of who you are and how you'll contribute to their university.


What are the differences among the Common, Coalition, and Universal Applications?  

Each of these application services offer a "standardized" application that can be sent to several different schools at one time. The Common Application is the most widely accepted by universities and is used by almost 700 universities and colleges. The Coalition Application, used by over 90 schools, allows parents, teachers, and counselors to create accounts and collaborate with students. The Universal Application is accepted by more than 30 universities and offers access to some institutions not listed on the Common and Coalition Applications. 


What determines how much financial aid I can receive? 

The amount of financial aid given out depends on your financial need and your "merit" as a student (such as your scholastic, athletic, or musical talents). This varies from school to school.


How can I calculate my financial need? 

Your financial need can be calculated using this formula: 

Cost of attendance (COA) - expected family contribution (EFC) - other student resources= your financial need


Can you explain what EFC and "other student resources" mean? 

Of course! Your EFC (expected family contribution) is how much your family is expected to contribute toward the cost of college for that year. Other student resources include outside scholarships from other organizations that can be used to pay for college.  

Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.